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In each session, the littles ones feeling comfortable and safe is the priority of each session. This means that the baby leads the sessions and is only photographed when comfortable and cosy - whether this be in parents arms, the posing beds or roaming the floor. My style is more natural posing, whether baby is asleep or awake, as long as they're happy and content - then we can get beautiful shots that will be treasured forever.


Each sessions allows enough time for the desired outcome, this is in particular for newborn sessions, as the 2/3 hour time slot means there is enough time for cooing, feeding and changing in between the camera clicks to capture those all important memories. It is strongly encouraged that family members and siblings have photographs with the babies, as these are moments that can not be given back, and no images are posted on my behalf which mams and dads are not happy with. 



If you would like to book in for a session, please get in touch via email, Facebook or Instagram. 


It is advised to book a session as soon as possible to avoid disappointment in no availability, and to tick something off that never ending checklist that comes with with caring for your little loves. Here is a list of when best to book in for the desired session:

Newborn | 

Newborn sessions can be booked in after your 20 week scan. You're booked in for your due date so that your session is secure, we then keep in touch to book in a definite date and time for when little one has arrived safely earth side. The best time for newborn sessions is 7 to 21 days after birth, however this is just a suggestion and not obligation. Babies can be photographed at any age, it just means when they're older there is less chance of sleepy shots, but non less beautiful. If you are booking if for older babies I will also chat with you beforehand what the expectations of the session would be. If you have booked in for a newborn session but are not feeling up to it around the allocated date (I know the hormones and tiredness myself), a different date can be arranged if this is more than 48 hours before the session. If on the day little one is not feeling 100% or is not settling, another date can be rescheduled to ensure that a succesful session can take place - where there is sleepy shots or cosy cuddles, and happy memories created. 

Sitter |

Sitter sessions can take place when little one is sitting up right independently and completely unaided - this is for the safety of the baby to not have any accidents in the studio. 

First Birthday |

Whether it's a cake smash or fun 'one' portraits, it's important to capture that first major milestone. This session is advised to take place 3/4 weeks before babies 1st birthday, so that the gallery is most likely to be edited and returned to you before the big day. However, this is an option and not necessity - so whenever you would like the session to take place is okay with me. 

Maternity |

Maternity sessions are advised to take place between 7 or 8 months of pregnancy, as this is when you are most likely to be visibly showing the beautiful bump, and are still comfortable to move and pose. Again, this time frame is an option and not necessity, so if you have or would to book a session later or soon than this, please let me know on enquiring or after booking. It is recommended to book this session in after you have had your 20 week scan.

Family | 

Family sessions can take place at any point throughout the year, weather dependent. A light drizzle can add some extra fun to photos, however heavy rain or worse (normal too Wales) could mean a reschedule. As per all sessions, a £30 fee is non-refundable from all deposits, so instead of cancelling a session because of the weather, we can rearrange for another day to ensure those family memories are still captured to cherish forever. 

Deposits and Booking |

I understand myself that life with a baby is not always lots of naps and cuddles - and life still happens around caring for little humans. Therefore if a session needs to rescheduled for any reason - as long as I am notified more than 48 hours before, we will work out another date for the session. 

Please be aware that your session is only secure when the session fee deposit has been made and I have acknowledged this with you. If you have sent the payment and for some reason I have not messaged, please get in touch to confirm with me. If you do not send the deposit but want the session - I cannot guarantee that a slot will be available for you at the chosen time. I will accommodate where I can, however it is important to secure the session with deposit to avoid any disappointment. 


My studio is situated in my home, meaning it has a relaxed and calming feel - perfect environment for photographs. My studio is equipped with wraps and props for all sessions, but I do recommend to bring any family heirlooms or sentimental items which can be incorporated into the shots for those extra special touches. The studio's temperature is set correctly for the babies too be comfortable, for adults this can sometimes feel warm, therefore it is handy to bring a lighter top or under layer to change into. Being in my home I can have on hand some necessities to caring for babies - such a kettle for bottle warming or extra nappies or clothing. However these extras can't be promised for every session, so it is important to make sure you bring everything needed for baby - including a favourite rattle or toy to get there attention for any awake photos.

The full studio address along with simple directions are provided upon booking and deposit recieved. However if on the day you're having trouble to find the studio please contact me and notify me if you're running late. 


My photography style is simple, clean and white - therefore white, light or neutral colours are suggested to be worn, however it is important that you're comfortable so this should also reflect your wardrobe. It is advised not to wear heavy patterns r branding, as this can distract from the main focus of the sessions - the new little bundle. My studio wardrobe has varying outfits and accessories for all sessions, however the clothing may not fit all babies, so please ensure that items of clothing are brought that you are happy to have photos in. 


For maternity sessions it is completely up to you if you would like clothed or unclothed shots. My studio wardrobe has white kimono robes and a dress - no other clothing is provided. White, light or neutral colours are again suggested, however it is again what you feel comfortable in wearing for the session.   

                                                                                                                                                              AFTER THE SESSION| 

After the session has taken place, I will give you an estimate time of when to expect your images. This is usually a 2 to 3 week time-frame, however at busier months this could be longer, therefore I ensure to notify you of this so that you are not unknowingly waiting. Once your gallery is ready, I will send you across a private link to view online - there is no need to come back to the studio to view your gallery. All images will be watermarked, and will remain watermark until payment for any purchases has been received and acknowledged. I will then re-send a link to the private gallery with the un-watermarked images in accordance to a purchased package. I want you to love every. single. photo. Therefore if there is something you would like changed or edited differently in anyway, please don't be afraid to ask and I will do my best to alter this for you. Galleries usually contain colour and black and white images, if you would like to see the images in the opposite - again, please get in touch. Please look over the price guide for the available packages and products as well as estimate delivery times on purchases besides digital downloads.



Your personal information is not stored or distributed in any way. If you're contacted under my personal or professional information which asks for any private details - please do not reply. I will only ever ask for details around the session, such as name of persons attending and ages if applicable. If for any reason information needs to be sent via email, this will be in-accordance with the conversation, and would not be a random request. Physical purchases such as albums, keepsake boxes or wall art can be collected or delivered. If delivery is chosen this would again be in-accordance to conversation, and the details would not be kept after postage. I only post any images on my social medias or websites with full permission from parents, if you are happy for some images, but not all to be posted, please just let me know. 

I can't wait to meet you!



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